The ACE Family Official Baby Gender Reveal Features Cameos From Kylie Jenner!

The ACE Family gender reveal

Austin Mcbroom and Catherine Paiz uploaded a baby gender reveal vlog to their YouTube channel (The ACE Family), titled, “THE ACE FAMILY OFFICIAL BABY GENDER REVEAL!!!” in which the couple discovers the gender of their unborn baby. Austin and Catherine already share one daughter together named, Elle.

At the beginning of the video, Catherine thanks Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Kylie Jenner for putting together and planning their gender reveal. Kylie made several appearances in the video.

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Austin began vlogging again and asked guests their thoughts and feelings on the baby’s gender. “If it’s a girl — I would be just as happy.”

After the baby’s gender was revealed — Catherine and Austin sat down with fans to discuss their reaction to having a baby girl. Catherine said that the baby Gender Reveal party was exciting and all of their close friends and family attended.

When dreams come true! 😍

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Austin thanked Kylie and everyone who came out to support them. Austin said that deep down he knew he would have another girl and that it feels right that God would bless him with “all girls.” Catherine said that she always wished for another girl.

Catherine said that she’s so excited because she really wanted another girl and she was happy that her dream came true. Paiz said that they’re so lucky gushed at the idea of Austin taking Elle out in matching dresses with her little sister.

“We’re seriously so obsessed with our daughter and everything about her is perfect. I can’t even imagine having another perfect little girl. It’s gonna be so much to handle.”

Catherine said that their next daughter will be able to wear Elle’s clothes — some of which have only been worn once.

Catherine added that many viewers found out that she was having a girl before the video was posted. The news of the baby’s gender got out because someone leaked the news on social media — so Catherine and Austin had to announce it quickly. consent of the couple.

“It wasn’t fair that somebody shared our news, about our baby, about our lives to social media.”

The couple thanked their videographer, Vitaly Kibenko, and fans who watched the gender reveal video even after knowing the baby’s gender.

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