AprilJustinTV Find Out Their PREGNANT In L.A., Experience MISCARRIAGE Upon Arriving Home!

apriljustintv miscarriage

April and Justin Find Out They Were Pregnant in Los Angeles, CA

April and Justin are arriving home from a business trip in Los Angeles that included other top family vloggers. Back home and driving in the car, April reveals she has been having weird symptoms, feeling very “off”, nauseous and decides to take a pregnancy test! April tells the viewers about her brush with pregnancy then flashbacks the vlog to a clip where she and Justin were in LA at Air BnB.


April takes the test, see’s no line—comes backs to it and all of a sudden—there is a faint pink line! April, in awe with Justin discusses how she knew she was pregnant because of all of the changes occurring within her body. April says lately she’s been more emotional.


Later, Justin picks up an additional pregnancy test just to make sure because the line was so faint on the first test. This time, the second pregnancy test confirms she is not pregnant.

Back At Home, April and Justin Take Additional Pregnancy Tests

April goes on discussing how emotional she’s been—crying when David Bowie passed away and had weird food cravings for french fries and searching the entire house for a candy cane. Just to make sure, April and Justin take a trip to the doctor for another pregnancy test and to check on the mole she has on her leg…as a New Year Resolution, April and Justin vowed to get it checked to see if it’s cancerous. In the doctor’s office, the nurse administers two more pregnancy tests.apriljustintv Again—it’s confirmed she is not pregnant. April and Justin sit in the car and Justin listens to April express her grief.  April says she told the nurse what her period looked like and asked if it was a miscarriage and the nurse confirmed it was a miscarriage that was extremely early—making it a chemical miscarriage. April says she felt guilty because if she knew she was pregnant she would have taken care of herself more—she had the flu and was taking antibiotics. April says she feels as if she still has pregnancy symptoms and feels pregnant—feeling nausea every morning and during the night.

April says she was having mixed emotions about being pregnant—but when she found out she was—she knew she really wanted to be pregnant and wants to attempt to have another child with Justin.


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