THE NIVE NULLS Viewers REACT To 2016 YouTube Return!

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The Nive Nulls Fans React to Austin and Britt Null 2016 YouTube Return!

The Nive Nulls subscribers have reacted in various ways to Austin and Britt Nulls‘ return to YouTube. Some subscribers have said the first vlog seemed “off” and “awkward” while others felt as if Britt and Austin appeared to be faking solidarity and closeness. Viewers strongly voiced their opinions to the point of contacting sponsors of the couple informing them of Austin Null’s online cheating confession and adult videos surfacing the net.

Viewers young and old have chimed in. Many are alarmed by the amount of children who are watching it all play out. The Nive Nulls has a young fan base who have also been affected by this recent scandal. One of them being a 12-year-old girl who posted her own vlog in response to Austin Null admitting to an online affair.

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the nive nulls cheating

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