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The Nive Nulls New Year and First Vlog After 2016 Cheating Confessions!

The Nive Nulls are back from their one week vlogging hiatus following the uploading of a vlog entitled, WE NEED TO TALK—in which Austin admits he cheated on wife, Britt Null for FIVE months while she was pregnant with their third child, Maddox Null! Though Austin still had strong presence on social media, blocking many of those who mentioned the scandal or retweeted the nude photos.

Hundreds of viewers voiced concerns on it being too soon for Austin and Britt to return to YouTube. Austin and Britt have been uploading vlogs and documenting their life on various social media platforms including YouTube every single day for over 6 years—almost a year before their first daughter, Audri was born. When the Austin Null cheating scandal hit December 2015, Austin and Britt immediately disabled their social media accounts. In the days leading up to their return in January 2016—Britt activated her Instagram, posting a photo simply entitled,New Year, New Scarf, New Selife– then activated twitter account.

austin null cheating
Britt Null’s first photo of 2016 after cheating scandal vlogging hiatus.

Thousands waited in anticipation to see what The Nive Nulls 2016 vlogs would be like post cheating scandal. Would they acknowledge the backlash of the cheating scandal? Would they include marriage counseling? Would Britt leave Austin and take all three children, learn how to edit and start her own YouTube channel? Well, in the vlog entitled, NEW YEAR, NEW VLOG was uploaded on Martin Luther King Jr. Day—none of this happened.

New Britt Null, New Editing, New Vlog Focus

The vlog seems to revert back to Austin’s old style of editing and vlogging. Beginning with Austin Null narrating and giving a recap of what we missed while they were away. Maddox Null (born in October 2015) learned to roll over, Kailand is still in love with trucks and Audrey is now interested in making creative cards w/ envelopes.

The vlog then transitions to a split screen of Britt and Austin getting out of bed in flannel pajamas, walking downstairs to make coffee—all perceived to be filmed separately, then both taking a sip out of coffee cups and saying, “Good Morning” in unison. Though music in the beginning of the vlog gives a hopeful vibe, many in the audience chimed in mentioning the the intro was “awkward” because the couple did not film together.

Others may interpret this may also showing signs of unity. Austin and Britt did something similar to this when admitting to the cheating scandal—wearing the exact same clothes as they did when they announced Maddox Null’s birth (the exact time Austin says he revealed to Britt he was cheating on his pregnant wife).

the nive nulls cheating

The rest of the vlog features younger brothers of AudriKailand and Maddox Null with Britt or Austin filming behind the camera. Britt and Austin appear to be in separate rooms while filming the children and providing commentary. The vlog is then more upbeat featuring Britt dancing in Target, many startling noises and special effects—different from the mood of the intro. So the vlog goes on to focus on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Britt sits with viewers to discuss the importance of the day to her. Britt says she daughter, Audrey have been talking about who Martin Luther King Jr. Was and his famous speech, they then do a coloring book activity. Austin also vlogs with Audrey about a card she made. The rest of the vlog includes the children eating lunch, story time and Audrey saying,

“See you later, you’re our best friends, we love you Amen.”

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