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First capture of new mom, Nikki Perkins with daughter, Ava Sarah Perkins.

Jamie and Nikki Perkins Wonderfully Executed Birth Vlog

Australian vloggers Jamie and Nikki uploaded an incredible birth vlog to YouTube. The vlog was topped with great editing and music to document the arrival of their first born daughter, Ava Sarah Perkins.

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This vlog took viewers on an incredible journey of the days before and during Nikki’s first delivery. The vlog begins with Nikki on the phone trying to schedule a pregnancy massage to induce labor. Nikki finds no open slots and wonders how many pregnant people are getting a massage today! Finally, Nikki get a massage scheduled. Nikki and Jamie drive to the massage studio and discuss the arrival of Ava. The usually lighthearted Jamie seemed very unsettled and nervous throughout the entire vlog and very serious and concerned with wife, Nikki. While Nikki gets her massage, Jamie sits in the car to discuss his newfound fears with viewers. Jamie reveals how scared he is for Nikki to experience birth.

Jamie begins to pray,

“I love her so much, but I want her to get through this as painlessly as possible. Realistically, I know there’s going to be pain—but, I want to get through this as painless as possible. God—I pray, that you just give Nikki a safe, normal delivery. I pray that it’ll be a painless as possible. Just get us through this. All I ask you is for a healthy baby.”

Jamie gets some lunch and picks up Nikki from the massage studio. The masseuses didn’t give Nikki a certain massage because they were afraid it would induce labor. ava sarah perkinsNikki gets evening Prim Rose oil—something which was suggested to her from LaToya Forever of YouTube channel, LaToyas Life. Once at home, Nikki takes the oil and begins getting major contractions. Nikki, while experiencing contractions is majorly calm. She is actually pretty calm throughout the entire vlog. Nikki’s contractions become closer together—they call their midwife and go to the hospital. On the way, Jamie captures the moon—which is an interesting start to birth vlog.

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ava sarah perkins

Jamie Goes Back Home—Forgets The StemLife Box to Save Cord Blood!

Jamie and Nikki arrive at the hospital, checks into their room. Jamie and Nikki sit together through Nikki’s contractions. Around 7:30 am—Jamie is seen vlogging in home because he forgot the StemLife box! This is a box with the materials needed for to collect & save the cord blood of baby Ava. jamie and nikkiJamie leaves viewers in major suspense as he drives to get back to the hospital on a rainy morning. Jamie talks about how in shock and excited he is to become a dad.

“Ava! I’m coming to see you my little girl. Were gonna be a family. This is so crazy. Oh my god, this is just so surreal.”

Jamie returns to the hospital before Nikki gives birth. Jamie’s parents arrive. Minutes after Jamie says it’s 3:45 pm the next day—Nikki gives birth Jamie reveals he has bonded instantly with Ava after birth. Jamie notes he was worried he wouldn’t have the bond with her—he says he felt guilty because he wasn’t bonding with her in the womb. Jamie says he felt like a lot of it was forced and the idea of it…He says he didn’t feel like a dad until Ava arrived.
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ava sarah perkins
Jamie Perkins and daughter, Ava Sarah Perkins.

Jamie and Nikki leave the hospital with Ava, Jamie—a proud father holding Ava, making their family complete!

ava sarah perkins

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