Bailey Living: Bailey Living: Brandey Bailey’s Daughter, Ivey Snow, Is Frequently Referred To As A Boy

Bailey Living Brandey Bailey and Ivey Snow

Brandey Bailey of Bailey Living said that it is frustrating to have people refer to her daughter, Ivey Snow, as a boy. Brandey said that when Ivey Snow was younger, she was called a boy constantly. Bailey chalked it up to the fact that her daughter doesn’t wear pink, have long hair and doesn’t have her ears pierced. Now that she’s nearly 3-years-old, Brandey wonders why people refer to Ivey Snow as “him/he.”

Brandey took Ivey to the park and filmed her going down a slide in the park and a woman repeatedly referred to her youngest daughter as a boy. At the park, Bailey cut to the footage of a woman telling her grandchild, “Wait until the little boy gets out the way” and “he’s gonna be coming down.”


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Following that interaction, Brandey and Ivey went to the store and a woman complimented the child on her behavior and said, “he is so well behaved.”

Brandey added that when she went to McDonald’s through the drive-through, a woman looked in the backseat and said, “aww, he’s cute, does he want an ice cream cone?”

Troublemaker all 2018.

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Brandey said she wasn’t sure if she should be so irritated with people mistaking her daughter as a girl and would like to refer to her as the correct gender.

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