BaileyLiving 2015 Gender Reveal: Brandey and Jeremy Bailey Are Having A…?


BaileyLiving Reveals the Gender of Third Child Due December 2015!

SPOILER: Today is the day Brandey and Jeremy Bailey reveal the gender of their 3rd child! This is a particularly interesting gender reveal due to the fact that Jeremy had two daughters prior to the two daughters (Ella and Audrey) he had with Brandey. Over the past several weeks, Brandey has been stressed out throughout her pregnancy and in her previous vlog, “I’M AN EMOTIONAL MESS”, Brandey questioned if anyone would “love” the baby if it were a girl. This was a very nerve wrecking gender reveal!

Brandey and Jeremy Bailey set to reveal the gender of third child together!

The Bailey’s managed to keep everyone in suspense until the middle of the video. The black and white vlog was a great way to show the girls’ reaction without revealing the gender to the audience! Finally, after a long wait, the Bailey’s reveal the gender of their unborn child.


baileyliving gender reveal
It’s a GIRL!

It’s another GIRL!!! Brandey and Jeremy look like they could hardly contain their excitement. Jeremy’s words just about sums it up: “Suprise, Surpiiiiise….”


[Image via BaileyLiving/YouTube.]

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