Bailey Living: Jeremy Bailey, Dad-Of-Five Girls, Wants A Boy?

Bailey Living Brandey and Jeremy Bailey

Brandey and Jeremy Bailey of Bailey Living sat down with viewers to answer some questions. Jeremy said that there are some questions that they choose not to talk about. When asked about his siblings, Jeremy said that he has a sister, but their not that close and added that he has two nephews. Ivey, 2, Ella, 9, Audrey, 8, Tara, 15, Ashley, will be 18 in September.

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When asked if they would have to another child, Jeremy jokingly asked if the commenter would pay for the sixth child. Jeremy asked if the viewers know the stats of how much it costs to raise a child. Bailey joked and said that they’re trying to learn how to raise the first five kids more efficiently. Brandey asked again if Jeremy wanted a son but Jeremy dogged the question and said that there are a lot of kids in foster care need homes and to be adopted.


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Viewers asked when Brandey and Jeremy would get Ivey’s name tattooed on them. Jeremy said that he was thinking of getting an ivy plant (which would symbolize Ivey’s name) to wrap around the names of his other daughters. However, Bailey said that getting tattoos isn’t at the top of their priority list.

Brandey and Jeremy said that they both got Ella and Audrey’s ear pierced when they were babies. With Ivey, Brandey said that she wanted to wait until Ivey was old enough to ask to get her ears pierced. Brandey said that at the moment, Ivey doesn’t care about earrings or having bows in her hair.

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When asked about her frequent baseball cap wearing —Brandey said that she doesn’t regret cutting her hair but it’s a huge adjustment and change and she’s not 100% comfortable with it.

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