BRANDEY BAILEY OF BaileyLiving Renting Or Buying New Home?

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BaileyLiving creator Brandey Bailey uploaded a vlog entitled, “Did we RENT or BUY?” and answers questions viewers have about the status of their new home. In the vlog, Bailey reveals she is not ready to commit to buying a home. Brandey wants to buy a home in a city she truly wants to live in. Brandey says she wants to purchase a home she absolutely loves and has everything her family of five needs in it.

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Brandey says the home she picked is not in the city she prefers to be in, however, she and husband Jeremy Bailey chose the home because of the open space and layout. Brandey and Jeremy also wanted a big yard and a finished basement.

Brandey also mentions the couple is not as close to husband Jeremy’s daughters Ashley and Tara Lynn—thus she does not feel comfortable purchasing home so far away from her stepdaughters.

Brandey also says she and husband Jeremy Bailey are working on improving their credit scores and saving money to obtain a larger home loan to purchase a house.

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