Brandey Bailey of BaileyLiving Finally Shows Viewers Her Entire Family!

Brandey Bailey and family member.

BaileyLiving Finally Introduces Family to Viewers!

Brandey Bailey of BaileyLiving is over 20-weeks pregnant with her third child with Jeremy Bailey. During this time, Brandey is also reeling from the death of her caucasian grandfather…Brandey explains she did not feel the need to explain how she has a caucasian grandfather because as she said, viewers should “get it.” 

Brandey Bailey and family.

@1:26  Brandey finally reveals she was in fact adopted by her stepfather who is now married to her mother. Aha….Now we get it, thanks Brandey. Is it me, or is this girl habitually STRESSED about EVERYTHING?….Does breathing stresses her out?….Are the air particles are too big? Ha…Darn pregnancy hormones!

@6:23  Yaaaay! We finally get to meet Brandey’s family; and what a charismatic bunch! Where have they been hiding?!

Vlogger BaileyLivingAround her family, Brandey was very jovial.  Brandey’s mother (pictured in the far left/natural hair) looks like her older sister. Brandey is nearly a carbon copy of her mother.

Brandey then drives with Jeremy to meet up with her extended family at a Japanese restaurant. I enjoy Brandey’s family vlogs because they are filled with raw emotion and sometimes have a bittersweet quality to them. Many of her vlogs, I always feel as if I’m going to cry some kind of “happy-sad” tears. Stop playing with our emotions Brandey! 🙂

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