YouTube Family Vlogger BaileyLiving Will Not Have Baby Shower For Third Pregnancy?


Brandey Bailey of BaileyLiving Opts Out of Baby Shower for Third Child

Brandey makes a run to target because she is bored. After shopping, Brandey sits in her car trying to relieve pregnancy contractions. Brandey says she “wore” herself out the previous day organizing Audrey and Ella’s bedroom. Brandey was rushed to the ER for an irritated uterus. Now Brandey reveals will be traveling to Las Vegas, NV to visit her mother, stepfather and best friend.


Brandey Bailey explains she will not have a baby shower due to the following reasons:

  • Her family and friends are in California, Florida, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Chicago, New York or on the other side of Kansas.
  • Brandey has 3 friends and her mother in law who would come to her baby shower
  • Brandey says she doesn’t have anyone, she is all alone.
  • There is no purpose in having a baby shower if no one shows up.
  • Brandey notes she did register to Target and Baby’s R Us
  • Brandey feels it’s pointless to have a baby shower when it will only be her and her baby.

[Source via  BaileyLiving/YouTube.]

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