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BaileyLiving’s Brandey Bailey is 20 Weeks Pregnant and Updates with Photo!

BaileyLiving: Brandey Bailey's 20 Week Pregnancy Photo! Jeremy and Brandey Bailey of BaileyLiving  shared, "Just over here being pregnant and married and stuff LOL". Brandey Bailey is...

BaileyLiving Finally Shows a Belly Shot!

For several vlogs, Brandey Bailey barely mentions her pregnancy unless she is sharing pregnancy symptoms. In fact, Brandey does not look as if she is...

BaileyLiving Couple Go on First Date in Months!

Brandey and Jeremy Bailey of BaileyLiving Go on First Date in Several Months It's Wednesday and both Audrey and Ella are in school, so Brandey...

BaileyLiving 2015 Gender Reveal: Brandey and Jeremy Bailey Are Having A…?

BaileyLiving Reveals the Gender of Third Child Due December 2015! SPOILER: Today is the day Brandey and Jeremy Bailey reveal the gender of their 3rd child!...

BaileyLiving: Pregnant Vlogger, Brandey Bailey Rushed to ER due to Irritable Uterus!

BaileyLiving YouTube Mommy Vlogger, Brandey Bailey Is Rushed to Emergency Room! With 16 weeks left in her pregnancy, Brandey Bailey found herself in the emergency room due...
Bailey Living Brandey Bailey and Ivey Snow

Bailey Living: Bailey Living: Brandey Bailey’s Daughter, Ivey Snow, Is Frequently Referred To As...

Brandey Bailey of Bailey Living said that it is frustrating to have people refer to her daughter, Ivey Snow, as a boy. Brandey said...
Bailey Living Brandey and Jeremy Bailey

Bailey Living: Jeremy Bailey, Dad-Of-Five Girls, Wants A Boy?

Brandey and Jeremy Bailey of Bailey Living sat down with viewers to answer some questions. Jeremy said that there are some questions that they...

BaileyLiving Family Vlogger Reveals Past of Sexual Abuse!

Brandey Bailey Courageously Reveals Past Sexual Abuse In a candid vlog, YouTube vlogging veteran, Brandey Bailey courageously reveals a past of sexual abuse in a 2012 vlog entitled,...

BaileyLiving Refuses To Do Vlogger Collaborations for Subscribers!

BaileyLiving Refuses To Do Vlogger Collaborations for Views Brandey Bailey does not agree with collaborations for the sake of gaining new subscribers. Brandey explains that she...

BaileyLiving Mom Already Dealing with Sex Talk in First Grade?!

Parenting Issues: Brandey Bailey of BaileyLiving Deals with Vulgar Classmate  @11:05 Brandey Bailey sits in her car and grapples with an issue Ella had at school...


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