Bonnie Hoellein Gets The WRONG Body Part Operated On?!

bonnie hoellein

Bonnie Hoellein Gets Super Emotional After Having Tonsils Removed!

Bonnie Hoellein, family vlogger and little sister of Ellie Mecham (of Ellie and Jared YouTube channel) makes a trip to the hospital to get her tonsils removed. Upon arriving to the hospital and before surgery, Bonnie is all smiles! Bonnie is in high spirits and even more excited about her new eyelashes. Checking into the hospital—all goes well!Bonnie HoelleinOnce Bonnie is fresh out of surgery—she becomes extremely emotional! While being wheeled to her room, Bonnie continues to ask her husband and the nurse about her legs! Bonnie is a total wreck under the influence of strong surgery medication and absolutely CONVINCED something is horribly wrong with her legs! The nurse asks Bonnie if she wants food or drink—Bonnie denies it all, from hysterical and convinced the doctors operated her legs.

Jared Mecham tweeted this,

bonnie hoellein surgery

Bonnie begins rambling to her husband– saying she wished she could say “hello” to the doctors—then ponders walking home! These feelings could be coming from the fact that Bonnie got surgery on her knee’s when she was a little girl. Bonnie continues saying she needs to be very careful with her legs…she even mentions she was so unprepared she didn’t get a chance to shave her legs.

bonnie hoellein

Bonnie says,

“They didn’t even tell me they were going to wake me up.”

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