YouTuber CALEB LOGAN of Bratayley MYSTERIOUSLY DIES at 13!

Caleb Logan Bratayley

Caleb Logan of Bratayley YouTube Channel Mysteriously Dies After Medical Emergency

On October 2nd, 2015, the YouTube community and Family vloggers were stunned & hit with the tragic news of the sudden death of the Caleb Logan. The charismatic baseball player, Caleb Logan was born July 2nd, 2002. Caleb began vlogging with his family in 2012.

The Bratayley YouTube channel was launched for 7-year old gymnastics star, Hayley (The name Bratayley is a combination of the words “Brat” and name, “Hayley”). It soon evolved into a family vlog once 10-year old Annie and 13-year old Caleb got involved. Annie’s personal gymnastics channel, Acroanna, has 470,000 subscribers. Hayley has since received her own YouTube channel, turning the Bratayley channel into a family vlog. The Bratayley YouTube channel has amassed over 1.6 million subscribers and over 1 billion views on YouTube.

Bryan Lanning of Daily Bumps Visibly Upset During Vlog

Bryan Lanning of Daily Bumps was one of the first family vloggers to share his condolences via his daily vlog. Bryan breaks down discussing the Bratayley news and reminds everyone to be thankful for the loved ones in our lives.

Bryan Lanning upset over tragic news of Caleb Logan’s death.

Parents Katie and Billy Confirm Death of Caleb Logan

The parents of Caleb Logan, Billy and Katie, posted the news of the death of their 13 year old son Caleb Logan via Instagram; “[Thursday] at 7:08PM Caleb Logan Bratayley passed away of natural causes,”


This post now has over 163,000 overflowing tribute and comments from fans of all ages, expressing both sadness and grief. Many were hoping the Instagram post was a hoax or hack. However, the news was also confirmed by Brayatley’s management-Maker Studios.


Caleb Logan’s Death Also Confirmed by Maker Studios

bratayley caleb logan
Hayley hugs older brother, Caleb Logan.

No further information has been shared detailing the cause of Caleb’s death.

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