Bratayley Reveal Caleb Logan CAUSE OF DEATH on YouTube Channel!


Bratayley YouTube Channel Reveals Cause of Death for 13 Year Old Caleb Logan

The father of Caleb Logan reveals to YouTube viewers, the cause of death of 13 year old son, Caleb Logan. The father says the family has been having a difficult week and they did not feel like vlogging today-but will reveal Caleb’s cause of death and do a quick Q & A about younger daughters Annie and Hayley regarding favorite things to do in the Summer/Spring/Winter and Fall…

Father reveals Caleb Logan’s cause of death. [Source: Bratayley/YouTube]

“We got the results back from Caleb and it was natural causes. And it was cardio myopathy-which runs in our family.”

He goes on to tell the viewers the both girls have been tested and everything is good for them. The father says Caleb was tested as well for the same condition. He will also get the other children tested more often.

The father then vlogs daughters Annie and Hayley-asking them generic questions about their favorite things to do in each of the four seasons. Daughter, Annie seems to be a little “somewhere else” and withdrawn during the Q &A.


Annie is quizzed by her father who asks her what her favorite things to do in the Summer, Fall and Winter-Annie answers. Her mother chims in and quizzes,

“Soooo…your favorite thing to do in the Winter is jump in the snow, your favorite thing to do in the Fall is jump in the leaves, your favorite thing to do in the Summer is jump in the water-Then, what’s your favorite thing to do in the Spring?”

Annie looks at her mother, grins and says, “jump on the trampoline.” The mother laughs and says, “Well played.”


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