Bryan Lanning’s ‘LIKE A LION’ EP Release Party in Los Angeles, CA!

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Bryan Lanning’s Like A Lion EP Release Party at YouTube Space LA!

Bryan Lanning and Missy Lanning of Daily Bumps YouTube channel has a release party for Bryan’s EP- Like A Lion! The release party took place at YouTube Space in Los Angeles, California. Other family vloggers, Cullen and Katie arrived from Alabama with their daughter for support. Ellie and Jared flew from Utah with their two sons (Calvin and Jakson). In the beginning of the vlog, Bryan is driving in his car with Cullen and discusses how emotional he will become when singing “This Is Home” on stage.

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The SUPER adorable Ollie Lanning giving Cullen a high five!

Both Ollie and Finley Lanning have beautiful songs dedicated to their entrance into the world.

ellie and jared
Other family vloggers Jared Mecham and Cullen come to support Bryan Lanning!

The vlog continues with Bryan meeting Jared Mecham and Cullen. Missy Lanning is in a hotel preparing for the release party. Ellie is with her two son’s Jackson and Calvin. Bryan’s sister comes for support too! Bryan does a run through of the music he is to perform that night. Bryan shines on stage and tells the story of Ollie’s Lullaby. Bryan says he would sit with Ollie in the middle of the night and would singing this song to him over and over again until he fell asleep.

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After the set is over, Missy thanks everyone for supporting Bryan’s music and coming along on this journey. Missy then tells everyone it’s Bryan’s birthday! The audience and band sings happy birthday to Bryan.

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