BRYAN & MISSY LANNING: ‘We’re Not Perfect… We’ve Had Our Problems.’

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In an exclusive interview with People magazine, Bryan and Missy Lanning of Daily Bumps opened up about the state of their relationship. During a Vidcon 2016 panel, Bryan and Missy reveal they have specific times in which they do not vlog, these times are reserved for their family only. Missy continues to tell the audience she and Bryan are not perfect, in fact they have been through a lot as a couple.


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“We’ve been through a lot as a couple… We have gone through some major ups and downs.”

Missy told the audience that they have gone through times in their marriage in which things are not as great as they currently are now. Lanning was nervous for the album to be released as it truly shows a window into their relationship.

LOOK MA I MADE IT! Huge thanks to @people magazine for profiling our family and writing a beautiful piece!

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During this time, Bryan Lanning reveals he has been working on a new album entitled, Us.

“I think people are gonna really relate to this because no relationship is perfect. And, sometimes I think we come off as perfect because we don’t share all the little things in our life. I think you guys are gonna think like, ‘Wow! They do have a real relationship.”

Bryan reveals the new album is a concept album which will tell the story of the Daily Bumps family before he met his wife, Missy.

“It’s gonna go through a lot of different stories that you guys never heard before, regarding our relationship.”

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