BRYAN LANNING Set To Release Second Album, ‘Us’

bryan lanning like a lion

In an exclusive interview with People magazine, Bryan and Missy Lanning of Daily Bumps opened up about the state of their relationship. After the successful launch of his ‘Like A Lion’ EP, Bryan Lanning reveals he has been working on a new album entitled, Us.

Still buzzing from previewing new music yesterday! This a clip from my song "Games".

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“It’s gonna go through a lot of different stories that you guys never heard before, regarding our relationship.”

Bryan reveals the new album is a concept album which will tell the story of the Daily Bumps family before he met his wife, Missy.

Huge thanks to Michelle and Barrack for hosting us this weekend! ?

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“I think people are gonna really relate to this because no relationship is perfect. And, sometimes I think we come off as perfect because we don’t share all the little things in our life. I think you guys are gonna think like, ‘Wow! They do have a real relationship.”

? Beauty and a Beast ?

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Bryan Lanning released an EP, ‘Like a Lion‘ in 2015.

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