BRATAYLEY—Vlogs on YouTube Channel After DEATH of Son, CALEB LOGAN!

Bratayley Family Uploads Vlog Less than 24 Hours after Death of son, Caleb Logan

Dear Future Self was posted by the Bratayley family on YouTube less than 24 hours after the announcement of the mysterious death of 13-year old, Caleb Logan. This vlog was posted October 3rd, 2015 and captioned in the beginning, “The day before Caleb died”. Towards the end of the vlog, Caleb talks about things he would as his “future self.”

Caleb Logan Death Bratayley
Caleb Logan of Bratayley YouTube Channel vlogging to his “future self”.

Message to Bratayley Fans in YouTube Channel Description Box:

“It is with our deepest sorrow to report that the Instagram announcement was indeed true. In addition to our desire to give the Internet community the chance to begin the grieving process, we also wanted to post this video to show a healthy and happy Caleb doing what he loved. Thank you for all the love and support that everyone has shown our family. And we ask for continued love and support as we move through the grieving process.”

Eerie Message at End of Bratayley’s “Dear Future Self” Vlog:

Caleb Logan Bratayley future self

Bratayley’s have not gone into specifics in regards to Caleb’s death.

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