CarlieStylez Pregnancy Journey: ‘TTC/1% Chance Of Pregnancy’


CarlieStylez and husband Jackson Woods sits down in a candid vlog entitled, “TTC/ 1 percent chance of pregnancy!.” In this vlog, CarlieStylez discusses her journey of trying to conceive a baby its husband, Jackson Woods. Carlie and her husband decided to make these vlogs in order to help other guys and to show they are along with others in the ride.

CarlieStylez discusses the learning process along with the ups and downs the couple has been through while attempting to conceive their first child together. Carlie and husband Jackson maintains the point of their TTC vlogs is to document what they have been through as a couple, not to say their journey has been easier or more difficult than others. Carlie and her husband also need to document the happier times in the journey in case they need inspiration.

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Carlie says she’s had an overwhelming amount of couples reach out to them and share their trials and tribulations in trying to conceive. Jackson Woods says he is not comparing their baby journey with other couples—regardless, their story has been a difficult one.

“We ask for your understanding and support as we share OUR STORY, yes OUR STORY of TTC or (trying to conceive) make a baby, birds and bees, whatever you want to call it. We have been through a roller coaster of emotions, and we ask that as we share our experiences that you may know that this is just our personal story and what we have gone through. We wish to inspire couples who are having a difficult time and build a community of support for others seeking it. We also want to document our journey for us and our family. Thanks for all your support and love.”

CarlieStylez is the older sister of Shay Carl Butler of Shaytards. Carlie and husband Jackson married in November 2015 and had a lavish Mormon wedding. After their honeymoon, Carlie and her husband decided to rid themselves of birth control and attempted to begin having a baby together.

Carlie and Jackson says the process was difficult after a few months of trying to have a baby. Around month 4-5, Jackson suggested going to the doctor. The couple says the #1 question in comments was, ‘When will Carlie have a baby?.’


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Carlie and her husband decided they wanted to travel and have established careers before they attempted to conceive a child. Carlie and Jackson said they had a ton of support from friends and family. Carlie says she assumed she was healthy after having her son 8-year-old son, Cooper. They assumed it would take some time before conceiving after being on birth control. Jackson says when two individuals are healthy–the best chance of getting pregnant is 30% or 1 in 3 odds.

“I craved having a family, like a big family…Watching my brother [Shaytards] bring so many kids into the world, you would think I would be satisfied–but, I wanted that for myself and I wanted to see Cooper in an element he hasn’t had… letting him fufill this role of being a bigger brother.”


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