CarlieStylez Wedding Day!—Carlie Marries Jackson in Mormon Wedding Ceremony!

CarlieStylez Has beautiful Mormon Wedding Ceremony!

Carlie Butler, creator of CarlieStyez YouTube channel gets ready with her family and friends at a hotel before the wedding. Carlie and Jackson have been dating for a shorter time than some may agree with–but the love is apparent. Carlie and Jackson met and found love on Twitter and the rest is history! Before meeting Carlie–Jackson says he thought he had his entire life planned out—he was a broker and wanted to work on Wallstreet. Jackson says he felt a “draw” towards Carlie and says it was a breath of fresh air because he was sick of balancing portfolios and making stock trades—she was the only thing he could focus on. Jackson goes on to talk about fearlessly falling in love with Carlie.

carliestylez mormon weddingcarlie and husband


“What I could not get out of my mind was the fact that we had to be together. I’m gonna jump into this with two feet and I’m not gonna look back. I don’t care if I get my heart broken, if it doesn’t work out—but this is what I feel like I should do. And the lord literally opened doors that I didn’t even know could possibly be opened and he made things happen so our relationship to come into fruition—that I didn’t even think was possible.”

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While driving in the car to the wedding venue—CarlieStylez displays the earrings she will be wearing for her wedding and isn’t afraid to say she got the from Claire’s! They look great! Carlie tears up as she reads a letter from Jackson while driving to the temple with her mother. After the wedding ceremony, the entire family takes photos outside of the Church of Latter Day Saints temple. After all the photos are taken, Carlie and her husband, Jackson—hop in their car and drive off not the sunset…well, first McDonalds. After an after wedding snack at MicDonald’s, Carlie has a wedding reception for family and friends.



Carlie’s mom holds up a dress in which Carlie was blessed in as a baby. Carlie’s mother says her father prayed she would find a man who would take her to the Temple and would be a good husband and father—and Jackson is that man. Logan McKay stands and makes a speech about his big sister, Carlie, “It’s nice to see that my sister no longer has to be—driving her own car.”

Emmi and Ava Butler of the Shaytards YouTube channel get up to sing as a group and Gavin Butler sings a solo! Colette Butler stands and adds,

“As I’ve gotten to know Carlie, she also shows the same passion in life that I see in Shay. She means so much to me as a sister. I have watched her go through so many trials and struggles—I’ve seen the amazing woman she is and she deserves to be cherished by a man who will treat her the way she deserves. I’ve seen the way he looks at her and that said it all to me. I can see that he does cherish her and that’s what she deserves. I want him to know he is getting an amazing woman who will cherish him back. The light you guys excude together is amazing.”

carliestylez wedding


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