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Channon Rose Reveals VIDEO FOOTAGE Of Amber Walter Stealing Bouquet?!

Channon Rose uploaded a vlog on September 15th, 2015 to address Amber Walter’s video. In this video, Walters says Channon Rose was the mastermind...

Amber Walter CLAIMS Bride Channon Rose Was Mastermind Behind Her Own WEDDING DRAMA!

Amber Walter Apologizes For Manufacturing Channon Rose’s Wedding Drama With YouTube Vlogger Friends! Amber Walter uploaded a vlog to her YouTube channel entitled, “FAIL” on September...
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Amber Walter Explains WHY She Brought SUSPICIOUS Black Backpack To WEDDING!

Amber Walters begins this vlog by saying for most people—YouTube is happiness, success and friendship. For her—she had YouTube drama that was as she...
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AMBER WALTER: Cyber Bullying, Lie Detector Tests & Restraining Orders (Part 1)

Amber maintains she has not harassed Channon “what so ever." She says she sent Rose one email—which she posted on her facebook---this was before they publicly announced...
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AMBER WALTER: Restraining Orders, Lie Detector Tests & Cyber Bullying (Part 2)!

Amber Walter says she wants to stop the threats and is making this vlog to clear her name up—she says she has maintained her innocence...
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Amber Walter SLIPS & FALLS During Channon Rose’s WEDDING?!

Amber Walter posts IG video and photo displaying bruises she received when she slipped and fell at a Hotel while at Channon Rose’s wedding! Amber...
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Channon Rose Opens Up On WEDDING DAY DRAMA With Amber Walter!

Channon Rose is a lifestyle and beauty vlogger on YouTube who just recently married! Unfortunately, there has been a lot of negative attention surrounding...
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CHANNON ROSE ‘Single White Female’ Music Video About AMBER WALTER?

Channon Rose Releases Single White Female Video! Channon Rose recently went to Los Angeles, CA to film a music video and meet with BFF Trish...
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SarahhRUSH Tells Her Side of Channon Rose Wedding Fiasco!

CONTINUED: SarahhRUSH Tells Her Side of Wedding Drama Part 1! SarahhRUSH says they stayed at drag convention for 15 minutes—she left, hugged them and said...
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Channon Rose Uploaded a video today entitled, ‘Haters Rant” in which she addresses both gossip channels and haters in full. The 'Single White Female'...


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