Colleen Ballinger Evans Raises Over $20,000 In 2 HOURS Via YouTube!

Colleen Ballinger Evans aka Miranda Sings raises money for childhood cancer!

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Colleen Ballinger Evans Raises Over $20,000 for Childhood Cancer on YouTube in Two Hours!

Colleen Ballinger Evans of YouTube channel, PsychoSoprano and Miranda Sings – participated in a “yard sale” for charity, giving away her clothes. Colleen did this in an effort to raise awareness and acquire donations to fight childhood cancer. Colleen tried selling her clothes on eBay and was shut down. Since then, she has tried to discover different ways to make the donations happen. Colleen went LIVE on YouTube-Tuesday, December 14th, 2015. Over 6,000 people were watching live and many more on Twitter. Colleen stated how grateful she is that people decided to donate to a good cause-spending $5 on childhood cancer rather than a Starbucks. Colleen notes every single penny will go to Childhood Cancer.

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Throughout the evening Colleen gave away numerous items of clothing. The most sentimental piece was a light blue romper she wore during her rehearsal dinner for her wedding! It was extremely special to her and she took time searching for the right person to have it.

Colleen Ballinger Evans Matches $20,000 Raised for Childhood Cancer

After the donations ended, Colleen says she will match the donated money from viewers with an additional $20,000-raising a total of $40,000 on YouTube via her GoFundMe page for childhood cancer. Towards the end of the funding, Colleen became very teary due to all of the generous people donating towards a good cause.

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One last person donated $1,000 and though the funding ended, Colleen still felt the need to donate more clothes. Joshua ran to Colleen’s closet and picked out a TRIXIN shirt that ShayCarl of the Shaytards gave her.

Taken from Colleen Ballinger’s GoFundMe Charity Page:

I’m having a yard sale for charity! YIPPIIIIIIE!

Currently, one in every 330 children in the United States develops cancer before the age of nineteen. The incidence of cancer among children is increasing. Each school day, enough children are diagnosed with childhood cancer to empty two classrooms!

Childhood cancers are mostly those of the white blood cells (leukemia’s), brain, bone, the lymphatic system and tumors of the muscles, kidneys and nervous system. Each of these behaves differently. Cancers in very young children are highly aggressive and behave unlike malignant disease seen at other times of life. The median age for childhood cancer is six. Children frequently have a more advanced stage of cancer when they are first diagnosed. 80% of children show that cancer has spread to distant sites in the body when the disease is first diagnosed.

A child with cancer must be diagnosed precisely and treated by clinical and laboratory scientists who have expertise in the management of children with cancer. Advances in treatment have been made in some childhood cancers; however, many cancer types offer very aggressive treatments with lower survival rates. Many treatments include: several rounds of chemotherapy, tumor removal, radiation therapy, bone-marrow-transplantation, and various clinical procedures.”  (Source:

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