Colleen Ballinger MARRIES Joshua Evans, Surprise WEDDING VLOG!

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Colleen and Joshua Evans married July 2015.

Colleen Ballinger Marries Joshua Evans, Surprises Viewers With Romantic Wedding Vlog

On the day Colleen and Joshua met on July 26th, 2009 and began vlogging themselves. On the day Colleen Ballinger (Miranda Sings) and Josh Evans said ‘I Do,’ six million viewers were captivated. For years, Colleen and Josh Evans have shared their love story on their YouTube channels, Colleen Vlogs and JoshuaDTV. Their love story was culminated in a surprise wedding vlog entitled, “Colleen and Josh’s Wedding.” The vlog was published on Colleen’s PsychoSoprano YouTube Channel on July 2nd, 2015.

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The vlog begins with Josh and Colleen’s romantic engagement video. Josh brings Colleen onto the stage, sits her in a chair and proposes to her. Fast forward to July 2nd, 2015-Colleen is ready for her wedding in her hotel room with bride maids.

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The wedding begins with Josh vlogs his way down the isle using his JDTV cannon camera. Flower girls and ring bearers ensue. Guests include YouTubers, Jenna Marbles and GloZell. Joshua tears up as Finally, Colleen makes her way down the isle in a custom made wedding dress by designer, Wendy Bellissimmo.

Colleen and Josh’s Comical Wedding Vows

Josh tells the audience Colleen wanted to write his vows. He begins reading and reveals it is the first time he has seen the vows given to him:

“I promise to admit everyday that you are always right, I promise to leave the house to poop so you won’t smell it, I promise to watch The Bachelorette with you and pretend to love every second of it and last but most importantly, I promise to never grow my hair out like I did in college.”

Josh wrote vows for Colleen as well:

“Dearest Joshua-Wow, I can’t believe were here-look at you. Look at that jawline, you’re so hot. I scored big time. I promise to shut the door at the bathroom when I do #2. I promise never to force you to watch episodes of the Bachelor or the Bachelorette, Those shows are a mockery of love. I promise to have sexy time with you even when were old and fat and hair is growing out of weird places. Now please give me an epic high five and say “I love you forever.

Joshua then goes on to read more serious vows, telling Colleen he will choose her when things are hard, in sickness and in health and for the rest of their lives-he will always choose Colleen. Colleen begins her vows by thanking Joshua for choosing her, showing her that love existed and telling her beautiful when she looks like a mess. Colleen promises to stay married to Joshua forever, to love him for life, to cook Josh good food and promises to love him.

The couple’s post wedding reception kicked off with lots of dancing guests and a Taco Bell food truck.

colleen ballinger evans wedding
Colleen Evans orders food from Taco Bell food truck. [Source: PsyhoSoprano/YouTube]
After all of the excitement, wedding guests gather around the fire pit to congratulate and share stories of the newlywed couple-Colleen and Joshua Evans.

colleen ballinger wedding joshua
The guests at Colleen and Joshua’s wedding sit at the campfire. [Source: PsychoSoprano/YouTube]
colleen ballinger evans marriage
Colleen and Josh Evans wedding guest congratulate the couple. [Source: YouTube]

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