#Joshleen Split: Colleen Ballinger And Joshua Evans Divorce, ‘We’ve Always Had A ‘Rocky’ Relationship’

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Colleen Ballinger and husband Joshua Evans both uploaded a vlogs within minutes of one another announcing their divorce. Colleen uploaded a vlog entitled, “Life Update” to her ‘PsychoSoprano’ YouTube channel, home to more than 4.4 million subscribers. Colleen mentions she feels she has disappointed herself and has failed. Ballinger begins the vlog in tears and decides to get to the point in telling viewers she and Joshua Evans will be getting a divorce.

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“Joshua and I are getting a divorce. Man, It sucks to say it out loud… “You guys deserve to know what’s going on. I don’t want to get too deep into it because it is very painful still and very hard for me to talk about. I want to start off by saying Joshua is a wonderful man and I am so in love with him. This has nothing to do with he’s a bad person or he did something horrible to me. He’s a good person and I love him.”


Colleen tells viewers they have always been a big part of her relationship with Josh and that she has always shared everything in her life with her subscribers. Ballinger says she wants her viewers to still believe in love as though many of them looked up to the couple as ‘relationship goals’ or ‘role models for love.’ Viewers went as far as making #Joshleen a common tag for the couple on social media.

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Surprise! 🙈

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“We have always had a very rocky relationship since the beginning. We’ve always butted heads, we always fought, since we  met really, it’s never been a perfect relationship. We chosen to share our relationship online. You watched us date. You watched us get engaged, you watched us get married. We showed you everything because we wanted to and I don’t regret any of that. We chose to not to share with you the hard parts of our relationship and there were a lot of hard parts in our relationship.”

Colleen says she wants Joshua to be happy and she is not the person to make him happy. Ballinger says she wants the person she’s in a relationship with to be as equally as happy as her. Colleen said it would upset her if viewers decided to take sides or send Joshua Evans hate on social media.

“The last the we need are people attacking us when we are completely devastated right now. Just be respectful.”

Colleen Ballinger Takes A Break From Internet

Colleen reveals to her 4.4 million subscribers on her PsychoSoprano YouTube channel that she will be taking a break from the internet to surround herself with family and friends for support. Ballinger reveals it would be too painful to see other peoples opinions on her relationship, “…And what I could have done, that I’d given up, that I’m a failure or how I could do this.” Colleen asks viewers to shower Joshua with love and support because he’s a really wonderful guy.

Ballinger’s highly anticipated show, Haters Back Off is scheduled to debut on Netflix on Oct. 14

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