Colleen Ballinger Tours MIRANDA SINGS New NETFLIX Office!

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Colleen Ballinger Gives Viewers a Tour of Netflix Office and Talks Script Writing!

Colleen Ballinger of Miranda Sings YouTube channel recently revealed to viewers she was offered her own Netflix original series! The Netflix original will be entitled, “Haters Back Off”. Colleen discusses she goes into the office from 10am -6pm and write the Miranda Sings, “Haters Back Off” episodes. Colleen says she’s happy she can share with her fans because the Netflix series was a secret for a long time.

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Colleen says she is at the office everyday so her daily vlogs with husband, Joshua Evans may be a little boring. Colleen says she’s really happy because all the writers write the shows together—come up with concepts, ideas and write the script together—then she gets the script and she gets to “Miranda-ize” the script. Colleen gets to write the script in a way she thinks Miranda would say it. Colleen said her biggest fear is getting the show and she’d have no control over the writing or script. Colleen went to the premiere to Zealander 2 and she’s super excited because Ben Stiller’s daughter, Ella is a fan of Miranda!

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