Colleen Ballinger Evans Discusses YouTube Drama And Changing Vlogging Style!

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Colleen Ballinger Evans Discusses YouTube Drama and How To Approach Vlogs

Colleen Ballinger Evans (also known as Miranda Sings) says she’s spent a lot of time thinking on the road and has decided she will change the way she approaches her vlogs. In a vlog entitled, “YouTubers Hating on Each Other”,  Colleen says she noticed many of her vlogs look the same-as in, being in the theatre, a hotel or on the road and feels the audience will become bored of this. Colleen says she never wants YouTube to be just a job for her.

“I never want YouTube to just be a job for me-bc that’s not what it was when I started this. I feel like I’m posting videos for my friends to watch and lately I feel like I’m posting videos to pay my bills.”

Colleen says she will now post vlogs, talking about her life instead of,  “look at all the cool things I’m doing.”

Colleen Discusses YouTube Drama Between YouTubers and Being Authentic in Vlogs

After a few minute Colleen discusses YouTube saying it has become over saturating and there are tons of people with channels. Colleen says she is subscribed to many channels and realized there are too many channels to watch and begins to wonder what makes her YouTube channels stand out and is afraid her videos will get lost. Colleen worries people will watch other people who are prettier or have more entertaining lives.

colleen ballinger

Colleen says many YouTubers bash each other saying they are fake, rude and not good people-Colleen says she doesn’t understand why YouTubers bash each other and it’s upsetting to her. Colleen says she also began to think of it in a different perspective wondering if she is fake, rude or coming off as a diva. Colleen says she is thinking about how she comes across in the videos because she wants to represent the YouTube community in a good way.

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