Cullen and Katie Confirm Sam and Nia Confrontation at VloggerFair 2015!

cullen and katie

Family Vloggers Cullen and Katie Confirm Sam and Nia Confrontation at Vlogger Fair 

Family vlogging just got rough!  Cullen and Kate tell their side of the story regarding Sam Rader getting kicked out of Vlogger Fair!

Katie admits right off the bat that Cullen was in fact confronted by Sam. They were not going make a video about the topic as to not stir up anymore drama, however-Sam just made a video and left out some important facts! #NotSurprised. The Nive Nulls responded to this vlog:Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 10.51.16 PM

  • Cullen was HOLDING his DAUGHTER in his arms and was confronted in the green room.
  • Cullen favorited a tweet.
  • Katie was on her way to go outside on panel when she heard Sam’s loud voice. Katie looked over and saw Cullen with their daughter being confronted by Sam. Katie says-Sam’s facial expression and body language was enough to make her go over to take her daughter from Cullen!
  • Sam would NOT leave Cullen alone, he had to have an answer as to why he favorited a tweet!
  • Cullen asked Sam-“Do you wanna start some sh*t?!” and Sam replied, “Yeah, I wanna start some sh*t!”, then Sam got loud again.
  • Katie told Cullen to step away.
  • There was no physical altercation-but, it was inappropriate to favorite the tweet from 2 weeks ago.
  • Cullen adds that they should have more important things to worry about than tweets.

sam and nia

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