DAILY BUMPS Vloggers Raise Awareness for Anchor Cambodia Fund via YouTube!

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Bryan and Missy Lanning of Daily Bumps YouTube Channel.

Bryan Lanning Anchor Cambodia GoFundMe Page:

February of this year I had one of the most eye-opening experiences of my life. I traveled to Cambodia.

Just thinking about it now brings tears to my eyes as I write this. I saw things that I can never forget. I spoke with people going through situations I couldn’t have ever imagined. I spoke about the details of my experiences in the attached video “Cambodia: Through My Eyes.” I urge you to watch it.

In short, Cambodia is one of the world’s poorest countries. Living conditions are hazardous. Children are abandoned by their parents and left to die. Women are trafficed. It’s a nation struggling to catch back up from the genocide, which claimed more than 3 million victims. Teachers, political figures, free thinkers, and artists were the main targets of the killings, further pushing Cambodia into a socio-economic spiral that’s impossible to climb out of.

But there is hope and that hope is rising. We’re teaming up with the giving organization GoFundMe and the NGO “Water of Life,” which is stationed in Cambodia. Water of Life does a handful of amazing things in Cambodia, things that I was able to witness personally.

Here are a few of their ongoing endeavors:
• Rescuing women from sex trafficing and giving them opportunities to earn income in other ways.
• Taking in children, both healthy and sick, who’ve been abondoned by their parents or rescued from their parents who physically and sexually abuse them.
• Provide the opportunity for young men and women to attend college and become future leaders.
• Provide free english classes to the public to help them gain positions that are sourced from the United States.
• Learn more about Water of Life here .

daily bumps
To do these things, Water of Life needs our help. The numbers they take in are climbing, and their resources are dwindling. The money you give will be delegated towards food, clothing, tuition, housing costs, supplies, and more.

This holiday season, we want to give back and we want our viewers to be a part of it. Starting December 1st, we’re going to be using this gofundme page to raise funds for Water of Life Asia. Our goal is to raise $50k for the month of December and I believe with your help, we can make this happen! We can restore hope to Cambodia!

What You Can Do
If you feel obliged to give, then give. This GoFundMe page is connected straight to the charity. The money doesn’t go to us, gofundme, or any other middle man. It goes straight to Water of Life. You’ll also be rewarded by us for your giving!

What We’re Doing
We will be fullfilling rewards or incentives to give out of our pocket, as well as contributing ourself. We will also be covering GoFundMes 4.25% service charge that is manditory for all donations, so you can know that every penny you give goes directly to the cause.

Important Notes about Shirts
If you give enough to get a free shirt, please be sure to include your correct email as you will be contacted afterwards for us to fulfill your reward.

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