Daily Bumps Epic 2015 TOY STORY Halloween Special!

daily bumps halloween

Bryan, Missy and Family Dress Up As Disney Toy Story Characters!

Bryan and Missy Lanning have always put in a ton of effort into their holiday specials by gearing up in costumes and creating adorable, funny and elaborate skits. This year was no different with the Lanning’s creating an adorable Halloween Special based off the 2015 Disney Pixar movie, Toy Story. Their oldest son, Ollie Lanning was his favorite character, Woody! Missy Lanning was Jessie, the cowgirl, Bryan Lanning as Buzz Light-year, Missy’s younger sister was the army figure, Jimmy was the alien and Missy’s parents played Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head and the youngest, Finley Lanning (born October 2015) was a pea in the pod!

daily bumps

daily bumps

Bryan and son, Ollie Lanning morphing from Toys to humans in Toy Story skit!

daily bumps cassie lanning

Aunt Cassie as the figurine. Originally Jimmy was supposed to be the army figurine but the costume didn’t fit!

daily bumps

Missy Lanning as Jess, The Cowgirl!

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