CALIFORNIA Vloggers Missy & Bryan of DAILY BUMPS Get Snow This Winter!

daily bumps

Bryan and Missy Lanning take a winter family vacation with their two sons, Ollie and new newborn Finley Lanning to Idlewild, California.

daily bumps
Missy and Bryan Lanning driving to meet family at log cabin in Idlewild, CA.

Missy says this place is very close to her heart as she grew up visiting the cabin with her immediate family—now she is visiting with Bryan, Ollie and Finley.

missy lanning

Bryan and Missy make it to the log cabin where her entire family is (Mimi, Cassie and others). They get out the car and Missy gets teary eyed feeling the snow. Ollie gets out of the car and experiences snow falling around him! They make it into the cabin and Ollie is like—No Thanks…and doesn’t want to go back outside—he’s saying “it’s cold”! Lol…So cute!

daily bumps

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