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Bryan and Missy Lanning of Daily Bumps Relationship & YouTube Channel History!

Missy Lanning was born in Southern California to Jan and Jim. At 10-months-old, Missy’s dad decided to go to move 2,000 miles to Indiana to study at Bible School. Missy’s little brother Jimmy was born when she was 2-years-old. When Missy was 5-years-old, her father graduated college and the family moved back to Southern California. When Missy was 7-years-old, her younger sister Cassie was born (Cassie is seen in many of Daily Bumps vlogs).

Missy’s family went to church several days a week as her family was apart of a fundamentalist baptist church. As a girl, Missy only wore dresses growing up. Missy also wasn’t able to engage in going to the movies or listening to music on the radio. Missy says she knew she was different than other kids, but was the same as everyone at church. Missy lived next door to her grandparents who lived on a large piece of property; her grandparents doors were always open and there were many animals on the property.

Missy’s grandmother had to have her legs amputated-but always remained positive. Missy said she would spend hours playing piano for her when she was ill. One day Missy’s grandmother’s health took a turn for the worse and she needed to go to the hospital. Before leaving Missy played the piano for her grandmother and that was the last time she saw her.

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After her grandmother died, Missy and her family moved to Idaho. Once in Idaho, Missy and her family changed traditions they previously followed. Missy wore pants for the first time and went to her first movie at age 14 and went to a public high school. It was this high school she met current husband, Bryan Lanning.

Bryan Lanning Background and YouTube History

Bryan Lanning was born in San Diego, California and lived with his mother and older sister, Bev. Bryan’s mother worked 2-3 jobs to pay the bills, Bryan never knew his father and says,

“It never affected me much.”

Bryan’s sister dad would pick her up and sometimes take him-other times, Bryan was left at home. Bryan says he couldn’t understand why he did not have a father who would do the things his sister’s father did for her. Bryan says his mother had boyfriends who weren’t very nice and their relationships never really worked out. Bryan says his grandmother from Idaho (who rode a motorcycle) came to visit once and took Bryan and his sister with her.

Bryan lived in a big house with a lot of land and animals, with his grandmother and sister. Bryan’s mother married a man who who had a drinking problem and yelled. Bryan said he ended up staying in his room and reading “Harry Potter” due to the physical and mental abuse endured by his stepfather. Bryan says he was bullied a lot at school, he then began going to rock concerts.daily bumps

When Bryan Met Missy

During this time, Bryan was out at a carnival and had a girl named Jessica, come up to him complaining that her friend ditched her so she could hang out with her boyfriend, that girl was Missy. The first time Missy met Bryan, he asked her why she ditched her friend and Missy thought he was a jerk. Later Bryan found out Jessica had a crush on him. Missy noticed Bryan filming everything in the park with a pocket cam corder and she thought it was weird. Bryan had a party at his house and it is there him and Missy made it official to everyone that they were a couple.

Days before Bryan’s 17th birthday, his stepfather became drunk and started a big fight with him. Bryan then barricaded himself into his bedroom, locking the door and putting a heavy piece of furniture between him and the door. When his mother went to check on him, he was gone.

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Bryan said he knew when he left that night, he’d never be going back-and he never did. Bryan lived with a friend for a couple of months, then with a grandmother while he worked and finished his last year in school. Bryan said it was a weird time in his life and he felt alone, except for when he was with Missy. Bryan became closer with Missy and her family.

During Bryan’s last year of school and days before he turned 18-years-old, Bryan and Missy got a house on Maple Street even though her parents didn’t approve and did not condone them living together before they were married. All of this and knowing he wanted to start a family with Missy were big factors Bryan says, to ask Missy to marry him.

Bryan and Missy Married Again After Divorce

Bryan and Missy were married on 08-08-2008-when turned to the sides, it is the infinity sign and Bryan and Missy liked the idea of being together for infinity. Bryan began taking computer science courses for a couple years and left because it was not what was making him happy. It was around this time Bryan and Missy’s relationship became rocky due to not communicating at all, they were young and stopped focusing on one another. Bryan moved out into an apartment and Missy moved back in with her family. Four months later they found themselves signing divorce papers.

Bryan and Missy says they were both very young and only knew who they were together, but apart they were lost. One night after having terrible dreams about Missy, Bryan called her-they met up the next day and everything else fell into place. They both now understood the importance of communication and honesty instead of being two young teenagers who were “madly in love”. After being apart for 4 months, Missy and Bryan remarried and they say it feels as if the divorce never was and they kept their anniversary on 08-08-08.

Missy Lanning’s First and Second Pregnancy

Bryan and Missy decided they wanted a family of their own and decided to try for a baby. Missy became pregnant and both decided not to tell anyone until Christmas. On Christmas Day, Bryan and Missy wrapped the pregnancy test and gave it to Missy’s mom as a gift. Then on Missy’s 10 week ultrasound, their baby had no heartbeat. They got a call from the doctor who told them it was a boy. Missy got pregnant again a couple months later and this time they were both cautious but excited-Missy and Bryan lost their baby at 20 weeks pregnant. After a few months of losing Gabrielle, Missy began telling her story on YouTube. After breaking the silence regarding discussing miscarriages and loss, women from all over the world began sending Missy stories and videos about their loss. Missy and Bryan then announced Missy was pregnant on YouTube with their son, Ollie Lanning. Missy has recently given birth to son, Finley Lanning in October 2015.

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