Photographer Chrystal Fuego Takes Awesome Underwater Photos of a Pregnant Missy Lanning

The Daily Bumps vlog begins with Bryan Lanning driving to the DMV. Missy Lanning is home with Ollie, prepping for an underwater maternity photoshoot. Missy is currently pregnant with second son, Finley (Vlogger Due Dates) after having two miscarriages in the past. Out of the DMV in 20 minutes, Bryan gets home and displays the camera photographer, Chrystal Fuegos brought to shoot the underwater images. Fuegos also shot Missy’s maternity photo’s while pregnant with Ollie.daily bumps ollie

Daily Bumps Vlog Highlights:

  • Missy has been monitoring her contractions this week and has been having aches and pains all morning.
  • Missy is certain the cramps she’s been having are not due to dehydration as she has kept herself hydrated drinking ice water throughout the day.
  • Bryan is excited to finally be verified on Twitter

underwater pregnancy photo

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