Desi Perkins And Hubby Steve Take Ibiza Island Vacation To Celebrate Two-Year Partnership With Quay Australia

Desi Perkins Ibiza travel vlog

Desi Perkins and her husband, Steve Perkins, flew to Ibiza to celebrate Desi’s two-year partnership with QUAY Australia. The QUAYXDESI collaboration with Desi Perkins was first released in June of 2016.

Perkins said that she’s always had the dream to design things and working with Quay Australia on their QUAYXDESI collection has been the best experience ever.

In the beginning of the 24-minute Ibiza travel vlog, Desi landed in Ibiza and was greeted with a spectacular welcome display in honor of Desi from Quay Australia. Desi started to get emotional when it hit her that she’s been in collaboration with Quay for two years and is fulfilling her dream of designing eyewear.

Desi Perkins and Steve Perkins travel vloggers
Desi Perkins travels to Ibiza with husband for QUAY Australia collaboration.

The company has now dropped their super glam “High Key” polarized black and “High Key Mini” polarized aviator sunglasses. Desi dropped photos of herself on a yacht while wearing the sleek monochromatic style sunglasses.

On her first night in Ibiza, Perkins had a rooftop dinner that was accompanied by a band. The next morning, Steve Perkins’ vlogged the mega breakfast of pancakes, bacon, eggs, bruschetta, tarts, and fruit the family had.

During the epic Ibiza yacht ride, Perkins and fellow vloggers cheered to being strong, entrepreneurial women.

“They used to call it a man’s world… it ain’t, the future is woman!”

In Desi‘s said that she couldn’t believe it’s been two years since she partnered with Quay Australia and are celebrating their two years together in Ibiza. Perkins said that she can’t thank viewers enough for all of the support she’s shown the QUAYXDESI collection. Desi said that it means so much to her to see all of the support viewers have shown the collection.

The beauty vlogger starred in QUAYXDESI’s promotional video.

Desi said that she wanted to come out with a new collection of colors for everyone and thought what better way to debut the shades than in an Ibiza vlog.

At the sunset dinner, Desi toasted to Quay Australia partners and said she is living out her dream. Perkins also toasted to her parents, closest friends, and thanked everyone for supporting her.

The next day Desi had a photoshoot for the sunglasses. Perkins posted photos of the Ibiza photo shoot on Instagram and in one of the photos, Perkins revealed that she almost fell overboard!

The group partied all night and Steve sat with viewers to talk about their night.

“Last night was something else. They know how to party in Ibiza. That was a lot of music and a lot of alcohol.”

Steve said they got at the club at 2:15 am and partied until 5:00 am. Steve is up at 1:00 pm and plans to have a chill day to recover at the beach.

On the groups last day in Ibiza, they had a spa day to relax from the week’s activities. The vlog ended with the entire Ibiza crew saying goodbye to viewers and joking that their gonna stay in Ibiza for a few more days.

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