Desi Perkins And Husband, Steven, Jet Off To Dubai For Epic Getaway

Desi Perkins travel vlogger Dubai

Desi Perkins and husband Steven jet to Dubai for vacation and of course business. Perkins’ said that it’s great to have met so many fans and people from all over the world who watch her YouTube channel.

While in Dubai, Perkins was a speaker on Beauty Pop‘s discussion panel.

“These two beautiful & humble women are living proof that with passion, hard work & determination you can achieve your dreams and it’s never too late to try! @Desiperkins & @Camilacoelho are an inspiration to women all over the world.”

“It was a pleasure to meet them & hear their insights on the fashion & beauty industry. You must come visit @Dubai again soon.”

Perkins is of Spanish and Mexican ethnicity and has three brothers. Desi’s husband, Steven, helped her how to edit videos.

Desi Perkins can be seen chatting it up with Kim Kardashian while doing her makeup in the YouTube video, “KIM KARDASHIAN WEST MAKEUP TUTORIAL.”

In addition to this, on one episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Khloe Kardashian complimented Kim Kardashian on her makeup and Kim attributed her look to Desi Perkins.

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