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Desi Perkins and Husband Steve Celebrate Thanksgiving in San Antonio, TX!

Beauty Guru Desi Perkins Visits Family In San Antonio, TX for Thanksgiving! It’s Thanksgiving and Desi Perkins is celebrating the holiday with her family in...
desi perkins

DESI PERKINS–YouTube Makeup Guru Creates Family Vlog Channel With Husband!

Desi Perkins YouTube Beauty Guru Creates New Vlog Channel with Husband, Steven! Desi Perkins came onto the YouTube scene in 2013 creating a "Soft Warm...
Desi Perkins YSL Black Opium Party

Desi Perkins And Husband, Steve, Attend The YSL Black Opium Party In Paris

Desi Perkins and her husband, Steven, traveled to Paris and attended the extravagant YSL Black Opium party! The couple settled into the Paris after...
desi perkins


YouTuber Desi Perkins Marries Steve Perkins in Laguna Beach Desi Perkins and husband, Steve-exchanged vows in front of 200 close friends and family in Laguna...
Desi Perkins travel vlogger Dubai

Desi Perkins And Husband, Steven, Jet Off To Dubai For Epic Getaway

Desi Perkins and husband Steven jet to Dubai for vacation and of course business. Perkins' said that it's great to have met so many...
Desi Perkins Ibiza travel vlog

Desi Perkins And Hubby Steve Take Ibiza Island Vacation To Celebrate Two-Year Partnership With...

Desi Perkins and her husband, Steve Perkins, flew to Ibiza to celebrate Desi's two-year partnership with QUAY Australia. The QUAYXDESI collaboration with Desi Perkins...


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