Jared Mecham Visits Daily Bumps & Meets Finley!

daily bumps
[Source: Ellie and Jared/YouTube]

Ellie and Jared: Jared Mecham Goes to California to Visit Daily Bumps!

In todays vlog, Jared Mecham is back in California on business. Jared makes sure to stop at Bryan and Missy Lanning’s home in California to meet baby Finley (born October 2015).

ellie and jared

Ellie is at home in Utah, with their two sons, Calvin and Jackson. Ellie vlogs breathtaking images of the mountains of Utah.

ellie and jared

Jared makes his way to the Daily Bumps household. After a few moments of catching up, Jared asks to hold Finley. Missy hands Finley over to Jared as Bryan vlogs.

daily bumps

After meeting Finley, Jared goes to Chic-fil-A with Daily Bumps family. Back home, Jared Skype’s his wife, Ellie who is back in Utah with their two sons.

ellie and jared facetime daily bumps

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