Ellie Mecham Battles With Anxiety During The Birth Of Her Third Son, Joel Mecham

Joel Mecham of Ellie and Jared on YouTube

Ellie and Jared Mecham of the YouTube channel, Ellie And Jared, posted a birth vlog that documented the family during the day of the birth of their third son!

The vlog began with clips of Ellie’s pregnancy journey in the months leading up to discovering that she was pregnant. Ellie and Jared’s birth vlog then started out very light-hearted with Ellie saying, “I truly feel that out of all our babies if I poop on the delivery table, this will be the one… My nerves are unreal.”

Ellie’s anxiety seemed to be pretty difficult on the day of her delivery because the mom-of-three talked about having “anxiety and shakes” during labor.

“I couldn’t handle my anxiety and shakes during labor. I knew I made the right decision to only have Jared in the delivery room. That way I could feel and be my complete self.”

“He rubbed my back and sang me to sleep to help calm my nerves. Today, I feel the most peace than I have ever felt before.”

Ellie and Jared said that the strange thing about this pregnancy, in particular, is that it doesn’t “feel real.” However, the couple said that once their son is in their arms, reality will set in.

Later on in the vlog, both Ellie and Jared said that it still doesn’t seem “real,” but joked that her contractions were real.

Jared said that from all of Ellie’s deliveries, he’s held on to the blue handkerchief that Ellie uses to wipe her tears while giving birth. The couple has made it a tradition for Ellie to hold on to the scarf during delivery.

Jared said that he and Ellie wanted to convey a wide range of emotions that they were feeling on that day.

“We laughed a lot and we cried a lot. I hope you feel the peace, joy, struggle, and triumph we felt as you watch.”

Ellie and Jared will soon upload a vlog documenting Joel Mecham meeting his big bros, Calvin, 3, and Jackson, 4, for the first time.

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