Ellie And Jared Mecham Share First Photos Of Baby Number Three!

Ellie and Jared Mecham birth vlog third son

Ellie And Jared Mecham welcomed their third son into the world and announced the news by posting a photo of the adorable newborn on their Instagram page on Saturday, June 23. The now mom-of-three said in the caption that it all felt like a dream until she heard her newborn baby cry and held him in her arms.

Ellie and Jared birth vlog third son

You are here!! It was just me and Jared in the room, it was peaceful and emotional bringing you into the world. *we are spending a lot of time to recoup, bond, and be together. We don’t know when the next video will be out, we are hoping within the week. Thanks for your patience, love, and support!”

In the last vlog that the couple uploaded, “BIRTH PLAN DIDN’T GO AS PLANNED!” — Jared tells viewers that Ellie is going to the doctor’s office. In this video, the couple is gearing up to welcome their third child into the world — well, especially Ellie!

Jared said that if Ellie was ever told that she had to go to the hospital to deliver the baby — this would be the pregnancy that it would happen.

Ellie said that she texted her sister for advice on whether she should go to the hospital or not.

Later on in the day, the couple was a little anxious about the timing in which Ellie could give birth. Jared said that the couple doesn’t have an official birth plan — but, he would really prefer Ellie not to have a baby in the middle of the night (between 12:00 am and 6:00 am) — however, he feels that he may have jinxed her because that’s exactly what happened with their son, Calvin.

Ellie and Jared share two sons together, Jackson and Calvin.

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