Ellie and Jared Want To Move?

Ellie and Jared

Are Ellie and Jared Moving to California?

Jared begins the vlog informing us he will be going to Vlogger Fair 2015 and asking the audience for suggestions of which t-shirts to bring to sell. Jared then sits down to discusses his plans of buying a house with Ellie, then contemplates where they should move.

@2:25 Currently living in Utah, Jared says “I miss trees, I miss green and blue.” Jared wants to be around trees, lakes and rivers. Is this a California move? Jared misses going into the forest, climbing trees and using their imagination. Jared wants a place for his two sons,  Jackson and Calvin to have a place where they can escape and have fun.

ellie and jared
Jared Mecham

@5:56 Ellie makes faces at Calvin which cracks him up! Sooooooo freeeeeakin cute!

@9:09 Ellie and Jared make the bed with Jackson! How sweet!

ellie and jared

The family vlog ends by Jared bonding with Jackson by reading a naptime/bedtime story in his crib.

ellie and jared

[Image via Ellie and Jared/YouTube.]

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