Ellie and Jared–YouTube Vloggers Begin Construction On New Home!

ellie and jared

Ellie and Jared Mecham Have Officially Signed Off To Begin Building New Family Home!

Ellie Mecham begins todays vlog with Bonnie-watching their husbands and children (Cody and Jackson) walk across the property that they will soon call “home”. Ellie and Jared have spent a ton of time walking around, looking at various properties to build their home. Ellie says, they have knocked on 20 doors asking about the neighboorhod in regards to church, other children in the neighborhood and schools. Ellie says buying a lot and a house is one of the scariest things they have done!

ellie and jaredEllie and Jared found a property they really like, but they don’t really like the lot. They love the location, area and neighborhood and proximity. The actual lot itself will cost a lot to get it to look exactly what it to look like. Ellie and Jared have two weeks to decide if they want to purchase a lot.

Ellie and Jared Reveal Plans to Purchase Lot to Family and Friends!

After deliberation,  Ellie and Jared tell family friends they will purchase the lot tomorrow. The lot is half an acre and they are extremely excited about purchasing the lot for their new home.

ellie and jared

Ellie says this is the biggest decision money-wise they will make. Ellie says it is a BIG DECISION, they prayed about it, talked to family members and discussed it with one another for a long time. When signing the papers to officially own their lot, Ellie and Jared have a tender moment and reflect on the fact that Jared’s father built a home for his family and Jared is now doing the same.

ellie and jared
Jared Mecham reflecting on building a home for his family.

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