Ellie And Jared Mecham’s Sneak Peek Of NEW Utah Home!

ellie and jared

Ellie & Jared Gives Viewers Tour of Future Utah Home!

Ellie and Jared Mecham, creators of Ellie and Jared YouTube channel, just uploaded a vlog today entitled, “TOURING OUR FUTURE HOUSE” just weeks after signing paperwork to begin construction on this new home! Ellie and Jared have had a busy new year so far with house hunting, finding land to build their home on and taking a visit to California to visit fellow family vloggers, Bryan and Missy Lanning of Daily Bumps for Bryan’s Epic LIKE A LION EP release party!

ellie and jared house tour 5 Ellie and Jared arrive at the lot with the builder to do a walk through of the home they will be replicating. Ellie takes viewers on a tour of the huge garage where she plans on installing a shower/wash area. This is for when they go on hikes and for the future dog they will be getting! ellie and jared mechamEllie then shows the walk in shower that has two shower heads installed! So, the house won’t begin to be built until the snow melts—which will be the end of March or beginning of April 2016. ellie and jared mechamHowever, Ellie gets to pick out bathtubs, tiles and paint to prepare for the building of their new house!

ellie and jared mechamAfter putting the kids to sleep, Ellie and Jared sit on the couch to talk to viewers about their excitement of building their new home. Jared says they’ve said it a million times—but, now seeing what they will have—he truly feels this is the “start” to their new journey.ellie and jared

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