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productjunkiexoxo divorce

Did ProductJunkiexoxo Husband CHEAT & Who ‘HACKED’ Jim’s Facebook Account?!

More clues are leaking regarding the separation between Valencia and Jim Cagiano. Yesterday, Jim's Facebook was hacked! Jim, according to his hacked Facebook post--cheated on Valencia (in...

MsNaz2you Falls With Newborn Baby in Flea Market (Part1)!

Family Vlogger Nas Riley of MsNaz2you Falls with Newborn (Part 1) The vlog opens with Nas Riley wearing skimpy purple lingerie with her hot pink...

YouTube Vloggers BaileyLiving Still Living with In-laws?

Vlogging Veteran Brandey Bailey of BaileyLiving says "No" to House Tour I found it quite odd that Brandey Bailey was so dismissive about giving a house...

The Nive Nulls: Austin Null ADMITS To CHEATING On Wife Britt Null For FIVE...

Austin and Britt Null uploaded an impromptu vlog entitled, "WE NEED TO TALK", on their YouTube channel--The Nive Nulls. Austin and Brit discuss the...

ProductJunkiexoxo: Military Wife, Mom Of Four Reveals CHEATING HUSBAND Details!

ProductJunkiexoxo: Military Wife, Mother Of Four Reveals Why She Left Husband! In a vlog entitled, "The Truth", Valencia Cagiano reveals the details of why she...
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Christian Vloggers Sam and Nia Rader Go VIRAL After Miscarriage Vlog!

Sam and Nia Going Viral After Miscarriage Vlog! Attempting to gain notoriety for several years (via youTube), Sam and Nia went viral for a second time in their...

Did YouTube Vlogger MsNaz2you Plan All 3 Pregnancies?

MsNaz2you Meticulously Plans All Three of Her Pregnancies? In this vlog, MsNaz2you is holding her son Maxwell (born July 3rd, 2014-Video uploaded August 12th, 2014) once...
productjunkiexoxo cheating scandal car talk

Did ARMY HUSBAND CHEAT On Vlogger ProductJunkiexoxo?

The Decepticons are back!  And, the comment section is ALIVE and KICKING in Valencia's vlog entitled, "I'm Angry". IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: RELATED: ProductJunkiexoxo: Divorced Mom Of...

Did YouTube Vlogger MsNaz2you Pretend to Buy Sister a Laptop?

Did Family Vlogger MsNaz2you PRETEND to Buy Little Sister a Laptop? This photo sums up my feelings in recapping Nas's vlog's: A rollercoaster of dizzying, confusing-whirlwind stuff....
Sam and Nia

Sam and Nia Rader Admit To AGGRESSIVE CONFRONTATION At Vlogger Fair!

Sam and Nia Rader Kicked Out of Their First Vlogger Fair Conference! Sam Rader was kicked out of Vlogger Fair for threatening violence against someone (Cullen of Cullen...


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