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amber walters

Amber Walter Explains WHY She Brought SUSPICIOUS Black Backpack To WEDDING!

Amber Walters begins this vlog by saying for most people—YouTube is happiness, success and friendship. For her—she had YouTube drama that was as she...
Jason Nash reacts to Trisha Paytas breakup video!

Jason Nash Reacts To Trisha Paytas’ Breakup Video! ‘I Never Called Her Fat’

Jason Nash uploaded a video responding to Trisha Paytas' "we broke up because I'm fat" video. On multiple occasions in the video, Jason emphasized...
sam and nia

Sam and Nia: Christian Vlogger TELLS WIFE She is Pregnant!

Sam and Nia YouTube Channel Goes Viral When Sam Tells Nia SHE'S Pregnant! Sam and Nia Radar obtained 20.9 million views by lip synching "LOVE IS...
trisha paytasvideo

TRISHA PAYTAS Confirms BREAK UP With Sean Van Der Wilt [FULL VIDEO]!

Trisha Paytas Breaks Down Discussing Break Up With Boyfriend of Three months—Sean Vander Wilt! Trisha Paytas of blndsundoll4mj YouTube channel rushed to tell fans of...
channon rose

Channon Rose Opens Up On WEDDING DAY DRAMA With Amber Walter!

Channon Rose is a lifestyle and beauty vlogger on YouTube who just recently married! Unfortunately, there has been a lot of negative attention surrounding...
sam and nia

Sam and Nia Third Pregnancy Announcement

Sam and Nia Third Pregnancy Announcement Prior to Miscarriage Nia Radar is outside her house preparing to announce her 3rd pregnancy via social media. Nia is...

BaileyLiving Mom Already Dealing with Sex Talk in First Grade?!

Parenting Issues: Brandey Bailey of BaileyLiving Deals with Vulgar Classmate  @11:05 Brandey Bailey sits in her car and grapples with an issue Ella had at school...
channon rose

CHANNON ROSE ‘Single White Female’ Music Video About AMBER WALTER?

Channon Rose Releases Single White Female Video! Channon Rose recently went to Los Angeles, CA to film a music video and meet with BFF Trish...

Family Vlogger MsNaz2you Meets Baby Daddy #3 at 7 Months Pregnant!

MsNaz2you Meets Baby Daddy #3 While 7-Months Pregnant with Second Child! Canadian vlogger, Nas Riley discusses how she met Emmanuel/Manny (the father of her 3rd child, Kaitlin)...
austin null nude video

The Nive Nulls–Austin Null Tells Sam and Nia to Take Hiatus Amidst Ashley Madison...

RELATED: Austin Null ADMITS to Online Cheating! In Sam and Nia Rader's attempt to be America's #1 Christian Vloggers-many viewers say it leaves them forgetting one thing-Family! Well, Austin...


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