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amber walters

Amber Walter Explains WHY She Brought SUSPICIOUS Black Backpack To WEDDING!

Amber Walters begins this vlog by saying for most people—YouTube is happiness, success and friendship. For her—she had YouTube drama that was as she...
Caleb Logan Bratayley

YouTuber CALEB LOGAN of Bratayley MYSTERIOUSLY DIES at 13!

Caleb Logan of Bratayley YouTube Channel Mysteriously Dies After Medical Emergency On October 2nd, 2015, the YouTube community and Family vloggers were stunned & hit with the...

MsNaz2you: Boyfriend Pinches 2 Day Old Kaitlin with Carseat Buckle?!

MsNaz2you and "Hubby" Welcomes Baby Kaitlin into World with Pinch from Carseat Buckle, All You Can Eat Chinese Buffets & Close Encounter with Family Dog! As if...

ProductJunkiexoxo: Military Wife, Mom Of Four Reveals CHEATING HUSBAND Details!

ProductJunkiexoxo: Military Wife, Mother Of Four Reveals Why She Left Husband! In a vlog entitled, "The Truth", Valencia Cagiano reveals the details of why she...
channon rose

Channon Rose Opens Up On WEDDING DAY DRAMA With Amber Walter!

Channon Rose is a lifestyle and beauty vlogger on YouTube who just recently married! Unfortunately, there has been a lot of negative attention surrounding...
team internet

VH1 Streamy Awards Trending on Twitter GO #TeamInternet!!

Saturday, Septermber 5th, 2015 #Streamys was trending on Twitter, ranking over #vmas which aired on MTV the night before.  

YouTube Vloggers BaileyLiving Still Living with In-laws?

Vlogging Veteran Brandey Bailey of BaileyLiving says "No" to House Tour I found it quite odd that Brandey Bailey was so dismissive about giving a house...

BaileyLiving Mom Already Dealing with Sex Talk in First Grade?!

Parenting Issues: Brandey Bailey of BaileyLiving Deals with Vulgar Classmate  @11:05 Brandey Bailey sits in her car and grapples with an issue Ella had at school...
Msnaz2you lipstick alley

Msnaz2you 9-Day-Old Newborn Gets Slapped by Big Brother!

Msnaz2you Vlogs While Newborn-9 Day Old Kaitlin Gets Slapped! MsNaz2you recently uploaded a vlog in which baby Kaitlin, 9-days-old, gets slapped repeatedly by her older brother, 1-year-old, Max. Want...

MsNaz2you Newborn Sneezed On Then Used as Weight as Mom Works Triceps!

MsNaz2you Works Out Using Newborn Daughter as Weight! Msnaz2you aka Nas Riley, owner and creator of the YouTube channel, Chapters of Our Lives-places her sleeping 1...


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