FouseyTube Opts Out Of Taking Medication For Depression And Bipolar Disorder

FouseyTube leaves Los Angeles

FouseyTube, whose real name is Yousef, uploaded a very intimate vlog titled, “The Truth Is…” has opened up to viewers and revealed that he’s chosen to stop taking his medication and has been living with his parents (in the house that he bought them) for the past year.

After much prayer, FouseyTube said that he’s chosen to give up medication that he’s relied on for several years because he became scared to live. Yousef said that he believes in himself and he’s ready to live life.

Since 18 I’ve been reliant on medication to help combat my bipolar and depression. Today I am officially medication free. If you’re wondering why I seem so chipper and happy and motivated on insta recently, it’s because now that I’m off my meds, I’m able to “feel” again and it feels amazing. I love life. I’m happy. I’m so happy. And I’m going to work everyday as hard as I can to live a FULL life without mediation knowing that I’m in Gods hands. I’m Gucci. I appreciate y’all for letting me share and allowing me to be vulnerable. It’s been like a coo 6 months since the last fousey crying video. It was long overdue. Let’s go baby. The Lion has Arrived. 🦁 ps. my bio has a link to my full story if you’d like to hear it.

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FouseyTube said that he’s going to be a world famous motivational speaker regardless of battling depression and bipolar disorder.

He said that he finally has his life back and he’s not a prisoner of medications, self-doubt, and self-disbelief. Yousef said that he can finally say that he loves himself. Yousef said that his purpose is to deliver the message from “these crazy thoughts to the people who want to listen to me and they help make the world a better place.”

FouseyTube said that he had millions to make in LA, that he had tons of opportunities, and everything going for him. However, he had a calling to go back home. Yousef said that living in his parents’ house was the best thing he could have done for himself.

The 27-year-old said that he trusted life when it told him to go back to Jersey.

In the last six years that he was pursuing his career in entertainment, Yousef said that he could have been with his parents — who are growing older, he could have watched his nephew grow up, hung out with his brother and got advice. FouseyTube said that he didn’t want to call it quits in Los Angeles because he didn’t want to look like a quitter.

i told them i had 100 fortnite wins. 😎

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FouseyTube said that he took a break from YouTube and came back stronger than ever. Yousef said that he needed a support system to get back to the positive person that he knows he can be.

Yousef said that after he made a million — he had to stopped.

“You chased those numbers before and it didn’t make you happy.”

Yousef said that he became encouraged that his life would get better if he didn’t lose faith or belief in himself.

“You’ve been down before, but the one thing about you is you never stopped. You never stayed down and given up. You always continued with the same fire that ignited you when you began and you keep marching forward and you keep moving forward. NO matter how hard life seems to you in this point in time, life will get better as long as you want it to get better.”

FouseyTube said that he is now off his medication for his “mental illnesses.” FouseyTube said that he’s had to take medication since he was 18-years-old.

Yousef said that he’s the happiest that he’s ever been. Once he got off the medication he was able to feel again, dream again, and think the way he normally thinks. Yousef said that his thoughts are uncontrollable — but all of the greatest ideas he’s been given in life comes from those thoughts.

“Those thoughts are not a curse, those thoughts are a blessing.”

Yousef said that he’s able to love himself again. He said that he no longer dreads tomorrow and that he doesn’t want to stay sleeping — he wants to be awake.

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