GabeBabeTV: Beyond Thankful


GabeBabeTV Take Ceej to the State Fair

Girls, Inc., is back! Gabe will be doing this program with middle school aged girls. Gabe is excited because she usually does the program with grades 4th-5th. Gabe and Chad attend the state fair with their only son, Ceej (Chad, Jr.).

Gabe and Chad ride the train to the State Fair with Ceej (it’s his 3rd time on the train). Gabe and Chad find themselves in a oetting zoo in which they see Boars lying on the ground-looking as if they are on their last leg…this makes Chad and Gabe rethink consuming pork products.


@7:42 Gabe and Babe get recognized from the Walmart commercial by an older couple.

@10:25  Gabe and Babe walk around the state fair and decide to get some yummy corn, root beer floats and fried cheeseballs.


@11:30 Gabe, Chad and Ceej go on to watch Gabe’s grandmother, Nana perform. Gabe joins Nana onstage and dances with her. Ceej goes with Nana as Chad and Gabe end the night going to go see “Straight Outta Compton” in which they gave rave reviews.

[Image via GabeBabeTV/YouTube.]

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