GabeBabeTV Say Son Ceej CHOKED on CHIPOTLE Chicken Quesadilla!


GabeBabeTV Says “NO THANK YOU” to Chipotle After Son Ceej Chokes On Food!

Gabe and Chad Rader had lunch with LaToya and Adam Ali (LaToya’s Life) during VloggerFair 2015. Gabe and Chad say Ceej choked on a chicken quesadilla from Chipotle! 


According to Gabe Flowers, her only son, Ceej was eating a children’s chicken quesadilla, took a bite and began gasping for air. Gabe claims the blocks of chicken used in the quesadilla’s were too large for a toddler to eat as Chad illustrates the size of the chicken piece.

[Images via GabeBabeTV/YouTube.]

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