GabeBabeTV Reveals MISCARRIAGE and Struggles With Trying to Conceive Second Baby!


GabeBabeTV Reveals Miscarriage While Trying to Conceive Second Child!

GabeBabeTV decided to address “second baby” questions many viewers have been asking. Gabe Flowers says she waited quite some time to make this particular vlog to ensure the couple did not come off as wanting sympathy for “sob story”.

Trying to Conceive (TTC) Background: Chad and Gabe originally planned to have their children no older than 2 years apart. Gabe explains that once Ceej turned two, they began “trying” for another child; “trying” as in not preventing a pregnancy. After 6 months of not conceiving, Gabe began paying more attention to her ovulation cycle and bought an ovulation kit. In February 2015-April 2015 they were unsuccessful in conceiving so Gabe decided to take a break. In June 2015, Gabe took a pregnancy test to find out she was in fact pregnant. Gabe went to a prescheduled doctor’s appointment to confirm the pregnancy. The doctor administered a regular pregnancy test only to find a faint line, so they administered a blood test. After waiting 3 days, Gabe found out she was in fact pregnant.

GabeBabeTV has couch talk with viewers.

That same weekend, they told all their family, friends and got their reactions on camera. They planned a huge video for pregnancy reactions and reveal. The Saturday before Gabe’s birthday, she began to bleed faintly. The doctor informed Gabe that if she bled more, she would have to go to the emergency room.

4:50 The doctor told Gabe she was 5-6 weeks and did not see anything in the ultrasound, her HCG levels were not high enough to see anything. The following week, Gabe got her blood drawn again to check HCG levels. Her HCG level dropped. Chad discusses how they grieved together and how he would grieve alone to be strong for the both of them. They describe the experience as a huge disappointment. Chad tries to reach out to other families that have had miscarriages and encourages everyone to talk about it.

@13:29 Gabe goes on to discuss how she still has faith in expanding her family, is appreciative of Ceej and says having another baby will be on “God’s time”, not her own. Gabe goes on to expresses gratitude in having a platform to inspire and encourage people going through a loss of an unborn child.
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