GiGi Gorgeous: ‘You Are Not Welcomed If You Are Transgendered’, GiGi Tells Her Side! [VIDEO]

GiGi Gorgeous Dubai transgender

GiGi Gorgeous uploaded a vlog today entitled, “Detained In Dubai For Being Transgender.” GiGi vlogs her side of the story while in the midst of the media firestorm surrounding being denied access into UAE. The Canadian model is in a state of shock as she vlogs her side of the story. 

“I was denied entry into Dubai because I am transgender. It absolutely disgusts me that this type of discrimination still goes on.”

GiGi says she gets off a 12+ hour flight, she’s super excited and pumped for Dubai. GiGi Gorgeous says she gets to security and the guy was smirking with a weird look on his face. GiGi says the airport security guy looks at her passport, gives her a weird look and begins asking a bunch of questions including; “Where are you coming from?,” “Why are you coming here?.” GiGi says the airport security says he cannot stamp her passport. GiGi says she saw him stamp several other people’s passport before her.

GiGi Gorgerous says she goes to a side room in which they held her passport for 2-hours.GiGi says her bodyguard comes out and shakes his head, saying she was denied entry. GiGi says she has no criminal record, she’s never “done anything wrong.” GiGi said her bodyguard said,

“It’s because you’re transgendered and they don’t like that here.”

GiGi said she began crying and started having a panic attack. GiGi said she felt as if the world was closing in on her. “What Is gonna happen to me? Am I gonna be held? What is going on?”

GiGi Gorgeous said her baggage claim person said there is no reasons he should be denied and “we need justice.” GiGi says she was outside for another 1-2 hours.

“At this point, I was really scared for my life and I told my bodyguard and Nadine, don’t leave me, don’t leave me alone.”

GiGi says she still doesn’t have her passport, its’ being held by immigration. The Canadian model says she is working on a private jet to fly back to the United States. GiGi says she still wanted to go to Dubai despite the negative things she’s heard.

“You are not welcomed here if you are transgendered and that is really, really sad to me….To be real, this kind of discrimination knocked me on my ass, bitch….I took all the precautions and because somebody knows I’m transgender, that’s bullshit and really, really scary. If you’re transgendered, I urge you not to come to Dubai…This kind of discrimination needs to end.”

GiGi Gorgeous waits for conformation from a plane or jet to get out of Dubai.

GiGi Gorgeous Checks In From Sweden

The vlog skips to GiGi in a hotel room and updating her viewers with the latest news. GiGi says she just came from a wonderful shopping trip in Sweden. GiGi says she’s “100% fine after the whole Dubai incident.” GiGi says she is “So happy not to be anywhere near Dubai.”

gigi gorgeous girlfriend
GiGi Gorgeous updates viewers from Swedish hotel on Dubai drama. [Photo via GiGi Gorgeous]

GiGi goes on to thank several people for her safe departure from Dubai. Gorgeous thanks everyone who was so “on it” the second they knew she was being detained. GiGi smiles while thanking The United Nations Foundation and says “people at the White House were also involved” and The Prime Minister’s Aid.

[GiGi Gorgeous 2016 Critics Choice Awards Photo by Mark Ralston/Getty Images]

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